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You want a commission from me? Awesome! Here are just a few guidelines on how it works...


-Contact me first with the subject line labeled "Commission Order", or something similar of that nature. I've signed up for too many cupcake newsletters, you might get sorted out.

-Once an idea is all set, I will send a sketched thumbnail of the piece.

-Next before any more progress, payment needs to be made. I only accept payments through Paypal. You will receive my Paypal information through email.

-An update will be sent once flat colors are placed.

-Final high-res JPG piece will be emailed.

-If interested in a print, please let me know in your original message. Price includes printing and shipping (USA only). If no indication in first email, piece will only be emailed and you are welcome to print it yourself. Prints are done on 8.5x11 card stock.


You can send me a note on DA.

You can also email me at hannamations (at) gmail (dot) com
Take that evil internet bots!..hehem


1. Can I request something other animals?

No. Sorry, right now I am just doing animal pieces. If you're really dead set on something similar send me a message and we'll see if we can work something out

2. May I use this for commercial work?

No, sorry. These are pieces for personal use. If you are interested in hiring me for commercial work, please send me a message and we can talk it out.

3. Can you do one of my OC (original character)?
If it's an animal, of course!

Artsy Rights

-I do have the right to use any piece in my portfolio.

-Any OC will be given proper credit with links.

-I may post commissions on deviant art (watermark will be used).

Any other questions please feel free to contact me!
So I got with the times and kept up with updating my twitter. Feel free to follow me Hannamations . Woot!

I put in a submission for this months competition, so if you have the time please vote :) Unfortunately its randomized (to make it fair) so you won't know which one is mine, but still the more the votes the better!

*Hint* Mine is the awesome one :)

Also its over 5 days so you don't have to vote on all at once...there's 195 this month...

Thanks :)